Swedish Cookies

Last night I was baking cookies to give away to some people. I decided to make "hallongrottor" thumbprint cookies and "kolakakor" Swedish toffee biscuits. It was fun and easy to make them, and I'm also happy with the result! They are so yummy. Hallongrottor 200 g butter 1 dl sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 4½ dl… Continue reading Swedish Cookies


“Panda” Make Up Look

Today I'm going to a concert so I thought, why not try a new make up look. I decided to go for a look inspired of the panda. The black, white and of course the pink little tongue! This time it felt more appropriate with a thick eyeliner and darker eyebrows, together with the nice… Continue reading “Panda” Make Up Look

A day without Ipad, Apple TV, Macbook & Iphone

Just realized from the title what an Apple nerd I am, haha. Anyhow, two days ago I managed to have a day (8pm-5am) without watching my Ipad, Apple TV, Macbook or Iphone. I started out by setting some ground rules and took notes during the day. The reason I wanted to do this was because… Continue reading A day without Ipad, Apple TV, Macbook & Iphone