Symptoms of mental illness

There are many different symptoms that come from mental illness. More than you might think. They can be a sign for a person, to seek help. It can be a way to look after people around you. It can be the reason you struggle in every day life. It is important to understand and educate… Continue reading Symptoms of mental illness


I’m back

I've been away for a while now due to illness, but now I'm back again. What has happened since last time? I was in Umeå with my boyfriend and visited his family. I started studying math at komvux (municipal adult education). Next fall, 2018, I want to apply for university but I need this course… Continue reading I’m back

A day without Ipad, Apple TV, Macbook & Iphone

Just realized from the title what an Apple nerd I am, haha. Anyhow, two days ago I managed to have a day (8pm-5am) without watching my Ipad, Apple TV, Macbook or Iphone. I started out by setting some ground rules and took notes during the day. The reason I wanted to do this was because… Continue reading A day without Ipad, Apple TV, Macbook & Iphone