Summer Vacation

It’s time for summer vacation. Some rest from all that is troubling. But what do you do? Some times it’s easy to get restless. I do feel anxious a lot of the time. It’s important to do things that makes you happy. I thought, why not make a list of things I’m doing these few weeks? Maybe it will give ideas to someone that needs it.

I’ve already written about how I celebrated midsummer and went hiking etc. So I will leave all the previous posts a side for this one.


Concerts are a great way to relax, for me at least. You get to spend time with your loved ones and listen to wonderful music. What could be better?

In Gothenburg we have, as I’ve written about before, an amusement park called Liseberg. And if you buy the entry fee, you get to listen to the concerts inside for free, which is amazing. So that’s why I’m going to a lot of concerts this summer.

You already know about the First Aid Kit concert, but I’ve also been to a singer called “Miss Li” from Sweden. This was also at Liseberg. The music was really good and the energy was great. So if you haven’t heard her before, check her out.


Movies & TV-series

Another way I relax and enjoy spending my free time is through movies and series. Especially Walt Disney movies due to my obsession with Disney, fairy tales and other magical things. You may call me a nerd when it comes to these things, it’s ok. I confess. But I also really enjoy good thrillers, comedy and musicals. A bit of everything. So, the latest ones I’ve seen and can recommend are:



The Black Cauldron


Twin Peaks


Orange is the New Black


Video games

The same goes for video games, very relaxing. I enjoy puzzle games where you have to figure things out yourself and also the entertaining stories that comes along with it. My all time favorite puzzle game is Secret Files: Tunguska, it’s a point-and-click adventure game. I can recommend it, and these following games too that I’ve been playing lately.

Ori and the Blind Forest


Monkey Island 1 & 2



I’m currently reading “Johnny Cash – The autobiography” in Swedish and so far, so good!


Before this book I read “The God father” in English, which I highly recommend! It is one of my favorite books and I love the movies as well.


And before this, I read “Unconditional parenting” in English. Which was an amazing book for who ever is interested in psychology, wether you have a child or not.


Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got some ideas from it!
Love, Malin


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