A day without Ipad, Apple TV, Macbook & Iphone

Just realized from the title what an Apple nerd I am, haha. Anyhow, two days ago I managed to have a day (8pm-5am) without watching my Ipad, Apple TV, Macbook or Iphone. I started out by setting some ground rules and took notes during the day. The reason I wanted to do this was because I have had problems for a very long time with anxiety and depression, and some weeks ago during KBT I got told to do something like this. So why not give it ago and give it my best effort? Spoilers; I liked it and all though it doesn’t fix my problems entirely, it’s a good supplement to everything else that I’m doing.

My rules: If somebody calls me I’m allowed to answer. I’m allowed to listen to my meditation stored on dropbox. Radio is OK (because I am only using my hearing and, for me personally, it does not distract from doing other things).


  • I couldn’t figure out todays date without my phone. I have no calendar apparently (I pressed the home button, saw the date and immediately locked the phone again).
  • Sitting in the kitchen, listening to radio, makes me notice my surroundings more. I found a nail clipper on the table and trimmed my nails.
  • I get more focused on my KBT assignments and work on them a bit.
  • Realized everything that I’m allowed to do, instead of everything I’m not allowed to do. For example, playing the guitar and sing.
  • Folded clean laundry and put it in the closets.
  • I could feel my hunger more intensely (which is positive for me).
  • Realized I didn’t have any good radio channels installed on my Bose. I want more talking and less music, and also hear the news! I allowed myself to install another channel using my phone, afterwards I immediately put the phone back and locked it.
  • Brushed my hair, did my make up and dressed properly to make myself feel nice.
  • Went for a 30min walk and went to the supermarket.
  • Ate lunch at the kitchen table instead of in the living room. Wow, haha!
  • Stayed a lot more focused during my meditation and felt closer to my own body. I felt a need/responsibility to take care of it.
  • Sorted our dirty laundry.
  • Played guitar, wrote music and sang.
  • Went to the dentist (and read a book in the waiting room, “Johnny Cash”).
  • Did some dishes.
  • My boyfriend came home from work and we had dinner together in the kitchen, without any screens.

I would give this day 10/10 and I highly recommend anyone to try it (if you haven’t already)! Everyday doesn’t have to be this extreme, but cutting down on “screen time” over all seems like a good idea. I definitely gave myself a chance to think more about what I want and what makes me happy in my everyday life. For example, making music, feeling nice both inside and out, and making content for this blog. To end the day and feel that I’ve done what I can, considering my illness, and it’s okay. In fact, more than okay.


Love, Malin


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