Summer Garland

A couple of days ago, I decided to make a summer garland for my window. It all started with some toilet paper rolls which I had been collecting for a while. I wanted to make something from them and I had seen some pictures online how you could make them into flowers. So I took that idea and made it into my own creation. Hope you like this DIY-tutorial and have fun crafting!

Nr 1. Gather some toilet paper rolls and paint that you wish to use. I used acrylic paint in the colors of turquoise and bright orange/red together with gold and silver. Now, paint the outsides of the toilet paper rolls.

Nr 2. After you finish painting and the paint has dried (1 night), you flatten the rolls and cut them into small circles. Then you are ready to paint the insides!

Nr 3. I chose to make 8 different color combinations on my 8 flowers, as you can see in the pictures. Just let your imagination guide you! Next time I’m thinking about doing a garland in pastell colors.

1. Red outside with silver inside
2. Silver outside with red inside
3. Red outside with gold inside
4. Gold outside with red inside
5. Blue outside with silver inside
6. Silver outside with blue inside

7. Blue outside with gold inside
8. Gold outside with blue inside

When they have dried (1 night) place them into flowers like the ones you see here:

Nr 4. I’m sure there is many ways to do this, but I chose to tie the flowers together using a needle and some lilac thread. After all the flowers were tied up, I took a thin white thread through the top of them all and hung it up in my window.

Nr 5. And here is the result! I’m really happy with it. It turned out better than I thought it would, actually. The next step will be to make some in pastell colors (and maybe film a tutorial)! 

Hope this explained things and you enjoyed this post.
Please leave a comment if you’d like.
Love, Malin


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